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Computational Engineering

Computational Engineering refers to all activities in engineering that use computers as their main tool. Typical tasks in Computational Engineering are the solution of differential equations that model certain physical phenomena, the optimization of processes in engineering, or the stochastic simulation of a complex system.


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The Bavarian Graduate School

The Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering is an association of three Master programs:

Our goal is to push forward the rapidly growing field of Computational Engineering by offering high-quality master programs for students who are interested in the field.

The Elitenetzwerk Bayern

The Elitenetzwerk Bayern is an initiative of the state of Bavaria to support the education and advancement of highly talented students. With the help of the Elitenetzwerk Bayern and our two universities, we are able to offer an "elite" degree program for the best students in our master programs. Outstanding performance in one of the three Master's programs will be honoured by various, exclusive course offers and by the academic degree of a "Master of Science" with an additional designation with honours.

For further information about these elite program, please read on in our section "Infomation for prospective students".


BGCE is a partner of IGSSE, TUM's International Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

IGSSE brings together German and international Research Training Groups and Master's programs at the TUM. With their expertise in natural and engineering science, medicine, mathematics and computer science, these form the scientific backbone of the IGSSE.