for lecturers

The main focus of the Bavarian Graduate School is to provide a curriculum of challenging courses for the best students in our Master's programs.

A large part of these additional lectures, tutorials, and seminars, as well as additional project work, will take place in the semester holidays - as block courses, and in summer or winter academies. This will, both, be in cooperation with already established academies such as the Ferienakademie in the Sarntal (northern Italy), organized by TU München, FAU Erlangen, and Uni Stuttgart, but will also include new offers, of course.

Participating in Summer Schools and Winter Academies

Both, summer or winter academies, and block courses, afford an excellent opportunity to invite guest professors to participate in our program. So, if you're intersted in contributing to one of our summer courses, don't hesitate to contact one of the members of our graduate school.

See the following examples of scientific courses:

Photographer: David Holzmüller