Soft skills

In 2023, the following soft skills seminars and courses were or will be offered. See the list of previous courses for earlier courses and seminars on soft skills.

Opening Weekend

  • Opening Weekend

    April 8-10, 2022, in Fall/lake Sylvenstein; 1 ECTS credit

    • Stefan Drexlmeier, Michael Wiedenmann

      "When teamwork works"

    • Florian Bomhard

      "Step out"

participants in a large video conference

Workshops and Block Courses

Additional Offers

  • SET Tutoring
    In early October 2023, the "Semestereinf├╝hrungstage" (SET) will take place. For participating in this introduction for new students organised by the Fachschaft on our campus, BGCE students may obtain 1 ECTS credit.
  • Supervised Teaching
    In the winter term 23/24, there will be options for a guided teaching experience. For details, contact your local BGCE coordinator.


Offers by Partner Programs