Research Day

The BGCE Research Day is a regular advanced seminar on current topics in computational engineering. There are usually three seminar sessions per semester. The BGCE students contribute to a large extent to the programme of each Research Day.


All digital data will be made available on the Moodle platform for the Research Days.

Next Research Day

June 15, 2023, Erlangen

Upcoming Research Days

 July 6, 2023, Munich

June 16, 2015, Garching

  • Hans-Joachim Bungartz:
    Address of welcome and announcements
  • Steffen Seckler:
    Synchronization – an introduction
  • Pro & Con COME (München):
    PhD vs. working
  • Sebastian Stemmer:
    Physical layer security analysis using ray tracing simulation
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Work in Progress
    • Lena Leitenmaier:
      Concepts of the Julia language for HPC
    • Carlos Plana Turmo:
      Anti-solvent precipitation of nanoparticles in a T-mixer
    • Michael Rippl:
      Particle simulation in a microchannel with LBM
    • Lorenz Hufnagel:
      Real-time simulation of temperature in hot rolling rolls
  • Invited talk: Matthias Althoff (Department of Informatics, TUM):
    How to prove safe maneuvers of autonomous vehicles?

May 12, 2015, Munich

  • Ernst Rank:
    Welcoming address and announcements
  • CSE (Garching) students: Work in Progress
    • Sebastian Stemmer:
      Key Generation from Transfer Functions in wireless Networks
    • Steffen Seckler:
      Combination Technique and Fault Tolerance
    • Benjamin Rüth:
      Publishing interactive documents in the web
  • Ivan Cuevas Salazar:
    Side impact corridors: a simplified crash simulation (Honours project)
  • Pro&Contra: CSE (Garching) students, FAU:
    “The Programming Language Battle – C++ vs. Matlab” What is the best language for developing a new software framework?
  • Invited talk: Simon Daum (Computational Modeling and Simulation, TUM):
    QL4BIM: A Query Language for building information models

January 15, 2015, Munich

  • Fabian Duddeck:
    Welcoming address and announcements
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Massimo Caraturro:
    Topology optimization using the finite cell method
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Work in Progress
    • Vishal Boddu:
      Linking the dots in Computational Engineering
    • Marco Heisig:
      Algebraic Multigrid
  • Martin Ruchti:
    Designing an Event-Pavilion using Membrane Structures
  • Invited talk: Stefan Sicklinger (BMW Research and Technology):
    Stabilized Co-Simulation of Coupled Problems Including Fields and Signals with Application to Wind Turbines

December 11, 2014, Garching

  • Hans-Joachim Bungartz:
    Address of welcome and announcements
  • Tamas Borbath:
    Sharing knowledge: Torpedo Tournemont Ferienakademie
  • Paul Sarbu:
    HDF5 & XDMF visualization tool for block-structured Gyrokinectic Data
  • Invited talk: Bjoern Menze (Department of Informatics, TUM) :
    A generative approach for image-based modeling of tumor growth
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • COME (Munich) students: Work in Progress
    • Julia Fischer:
      General solution procedures in fluid-structure interaction
    • Ivan Cuevas Salazar:
      Lumped mass system for rear impact crash simulations
    • Shahrokh Shayegan:
      A flexible tower model for the fluid-structure interaction modelling of wind turbines
  • Davide D’Angella:
    Usage of software patterns in a real-world application

November 27, 2014, Erlangen

  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Invited talk: Miller Mendoza Jimenez (ETH Zürich) :
    Fluid dynamics and wave propagation in manifolds
  • Alexander Dolansky:
    Multigrid methods
  • CSE (Garching) students: Work in Progress
    • Davide D’Angella:
      Implementation of high order adaptive fem and error estimators in MATLAB
    • Rahul Arora:
      Coupling of Espresso MD with Macro-Micro Coupling Tool for hybrid LB-MD simulation
    • Nils Hoppe:
      Sapiens – a MRS program in development
  • Mohammad Farahani :
    Granular damping in microgravity

July 03, 2014, Erlangen

  • COME (Munich) students: Work in Progress
    • Michael Kraus:
      Machine Learning tools for constructing Reduced Bases
    • Luca Coradello:
      Implementation and comparison of different error estimators (Software Lab Project)
  • Invited talk: Nishith Verma (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) :
    Lattice Boltzmann Methods – based Mathematical Models for Chemical and Environmental Engineering Applications
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Maximilian Volkan Baloglu:
    Parallelisation and Performance Analysis of a TreeSPH Code for Galaxy Simulations (Master Thesis)
  • Invited talk: Frank Hülsemann (Électricité de France) :
    Scientific Computing in an industrial context

June 12, 2014, Munich

  • CSE (Garching) students: Work in Progress
    • Tamas Borbath:
      BLAS-Routines on DFEs
    • Ravikishore Kommajosyula:
      High-Performance Computing in Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Invited talk: Jérôme Frisch (CIE TUM):
    Efficient Parallel Adaptive Multi-Grid-Like Solver for CFD Applications
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Ahmed Abodonya:
    FSI for Pneumatic Inflatable Membrane Structures (Project Work)
  • Chunxiang Huang:
    Modelling and Simulation of the Transient Thermomechanical Behavior of High Pressure Die-Casting Dies with Abaqus (Master Thesis)

May 22, 2014, Garching

  • Hans-Joachim Bungartz:
    Address of welcome and announcements
  • Rahul Arora:
    Numerical Modeling of Coal Gasification
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Xiao Xue:
    GPU programming: KINECT Depth Map Edge Detection
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Work in Progress
    • Christoph Rettinger:
      Description of Two-Phase Flows by a Phase Field Model (Master’s Thesis)
    • Alexander Dolansky:
      Lattice Boltzmann-based Fluid Simulations (Honours Project)
    • Dominik Ernst:
      Free Surface Simulation (Honours Project)
  • Invited talk: Thomas Neumann (Department of Informatics, TUM):
    Analyzing Distributed Data
  • Invited talk: George Biros (ICES, U.T. Austin):
    Fast algorithms for problems in biomechanics and medical imaging

January 16, 2014, Erlangen

  • Balthasar Reuter:
    Coarsening of Simplicial Meshes for Large Scale Parallel FEM Computations with DOLFIN HPC (Master Thesis)
  • Invited talk: Martin Vohralik:
    Adaptive Inexact Newton Methods with A Posteriori Stopping Criteria for Nonlinear Diffusion PDEs
  • CSE (Garching) students: Work in Progress
    • Ravikishore Kommajosyula:
      Cache Oblivious Stencil Computations
    • Xue Xiao:
      Aspects of Efficient Matrix-Matrix Multiplications
  • Christoph Rachinger:
    Scalable Computation of Long-Range Potentials for Molecular Dynamics (Master Thesis)
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Constantin Vogel, Mohammad Farahani:
    Unconventional Discretizations of the Temperature Equation (BGCE Project)

December 19, 2013, Munich

  • CE (Erlangen) students: Work in Progress
    • Mohammad Farahani:
      Simulation of fluids step by step
  • Invited talk: Majid Hojjat (BMW):
    The Vertex Morphing Method – Efficient node-based shape optimization
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • André Hemmler:
    Acoustics meets bones (Software Lab Project)
  • Mohamed Elhaddad:
    Level-Set Geometry Description for the Finite Cell Method (Honours Project)

November 14, 2013, Garching

  • Hans-Joachim Bungartz:
    Address of welcome and announcements
  • Invasive Computing talk: Florian Rupp (Department of Mathematics and Science, German University of Technology in Oman):
    Lyapunov Exponents and the Stability of Structures Subject to Random Perturbations
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • come.tum (Munich) students: Work in Progress
    • Michael Kraus:
      Design of Experiments in Finite Element Analysis and Engineering Design
    • Ahmed Abdelhamid:
      Postprocessing of Uniaxial and Biaxial Matrial Tests
    • Shahrokh Shayegan:
      Macro Element Method in Crash worthiness Analysis
  • Chunxiang Huang:
    Master’s Thesis: Efficient meshing and re-meshing algorithms for model\-ling the laser beam melting processes
  • Nicolas Lachenmaier:
    Master’s Thesis: Fluid-structure interactions in turbochargers
  • Hans-Joachim Bungartz/all:
    Briefing of participants for BGCE review session

July 13, 2013, Garching

  • Ravikishore Kommajosyula:
    Honours Project: ATHLET Scripting Framework for Embedding/Extending
  • Felix Rempe:
    Master Thesis: Automated Optimization of Car Parts using Finite Element Simulation
  • come.tum (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Workshop
    • Constantin Vogel:
      Carrier Phase Estimation in Action
    • Maximilian-Volkan Baloglu:
      Heterogeneous Computing of Anamorphic 3D Geometry
  • Christian Pelties (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, LMU):
    SeisSol: The ADER-DG method for earthquake simulation

June 13, 2013, Munich

  • B. Wassermann:
    Implementation of an Isogeometric Reissner-Mindlin Shell Element
  • M. Kraus:
    Extension of the Design Clauses in EC 5 for Tension Perpendicular to the Grain in Double Tapered, Curved and Pitch Cambered Beams
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • CSE (Garching) students: Workshop
    • X. Xue:
      Repeater Coordination
    • C. Pachajoa:
      Conversion of quantities from a FD Navier-Stokes solver to lattice Boltzmann distributions
    • R. Kommajosyula:
      Optimizing material utilization for Sheet metal forming
  • P. Zerbe:
    Tension Instabilities in Sheet Metals during Industrial Deep Drawing Processes

May 23, 2013, Erlangen

  • A. Schäfer (Chair of Computer Architecture at FAU):
    Stencil Codes: Common Pitfalls and Uncommon Solutions
  • C. Rettinger, M. Farahani, C. Vogel, M. Baloglu:
    Unconventional discretizations of the temperature equation (BGCE Project)
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • A. Hemmler:
      Acoustics meets bones
    • C. Huang:
      Implementation of a pre- and a post-processor for isogeometric beam elements in MATLAB
    • D. Scheffold:
      Interactive Flood Simulation
  • Prof. S. Mohanti (Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, India):
    Modelling and Simulation in Mineral Processing: An Overview

Previous Speakers at the Research Day

January 17, 2013, Garching

  • H.-J. Bungartz:
    Address of welcome and announcements
  • D. Gudu:
    Parallel tsunami simulations with block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (Master’s Thesis)
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • CSE (Garching) students: Honours Projects
    • D. Pinaev and A. Bakhtiari:
      Implementation of a 3D Seismic Wave Model on Adaptive Meshes in PeanoClaw
    • C. Pachajoa, F. Rempe and M. Seravalli:
      Symbolic Reasoning on Embedded Controllers for Industrial Diagnostics
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • B. Wassermann:
      Experimental Modal Analysis
    • H. Hu:
      Structural Optimization of an Automotive Seat for the Electric Vehicle MUTE
    • C. Wu:
      Moving Boundary Problem Based on Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Method
  • F. Jenko:
    Petascale Simulations of Kinetic Turbulence in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas

December 13, 2012, Munich

  • L. Song:
    Integration of Carat++ in ANSYS Workbench for FE-based Bead Optimization (Honours Project)
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Workshop
    • N. Lachenmaier:
      Studying at FernUniversität Hagen
    • M. Nierla:
      Blocking for 3D Jacobi-like Schemes
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Q. Cai (UTG, TUM):
    The Finite Cell Method for Transport Problems in Porous Media
  • Dr. M. Zimmermann (BMW):
    Solution Spaces for High-Dimensional Design Problems: Applications in Vehicle Crash Safety

November 15, 2012, Erlangen

  • M. Nierla, J. Bleisteiner:
    Simulation of Granular Material in a Rotating Cylinder
  • H. Köstler, B. Gmeiner:
    From Starcraft to Cambridge or How to Win a Strategy Game with Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • D. Pinaev and A. Bakhtiari:
      A 3D Seismic Wave Model on Adaptive Refined Meshes in PeanoClaw
    • C. Pachajoa:
      CFD and Chemical Reaction
    • M. Seravalli:
      Symbolic Reasoning on Embedded Controllers for Industrial Diagnostics
  • D. Kuzmin (AM3):
    High Resolution Finite-Element Methods for Numerical Simulation of Fluids
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Staubach:
    Static Grid Refinement for Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Simulations

July 12, 2012, Erlangen

  • M. Hofmann:
    Parallelisation of swimmer models for swarms of bacteria in the physics engine pe
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • B. Wassermann:
      Improving computational efficiency of a dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis program
    • P. Zerbe:
      Trees: not always green
    • C. Wu:
      Coefficient solver for high order FEM post processing
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • W. Degen:
    König’s lemma, infinite marriages, and tiling the plane

June 14, 2012, Munich

  • I. Arsenyev:
    Evaluation of efficient macromechanical properties of trabecular bone using MicroCT models
  • CSE (Garching) students: Workshop
    • C. Pachajoa:
      Adaptive grid refinement for Lattice-Boltzmann methods
    • M. Seravalli:
      Optimization patterns for C/C++
    • F. Rempe:
      Costa Rica
  • A. Apostolatos:
    Isogeometric Beams and Integration Efficiency
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Dr. F.-Y. Zhao:
    Inverse Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied in the Built Air Environment

May 10, 2012, Garching

Logo ENB
  • M. Gee:
    Algebraic Multigrid in Fluid-Structure Interaction with Applications in Vascular Mechanics
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • T. Kovacevic:
    Hybrid Molecular Dynamics – Lattice Boltzmann Simulations for Complex Liquids
  • S. Shahvarani::
    Semi-automated ontology learning for scientific computing projects
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • B. Reuter:
      Parallel simulation of light propagation using GPGPUs
    • Simulating granular media in a rotating cylinder
      • C. Rachinger:
        Experimental background
      • N. Lachenmaier:
        Project plan
      • M. Nierla:
        Coding issues with pe-framework
  • Dmitry Pinaev:
    Multidimensional Spline Interpolation in Geophysics

January 19, 2012, Munich

  • M. Saeedi:
    Stochastic modeling of atmospheric wind in application to the aeroelastic simulation of a rotating blade
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • G. Steber:
    FSI between OpenFoam and Calculix
  • D. Schillinger:
    A seamless isogeometric design-through-analysis methodology based on the Finite Cell Method for complex geometric models
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo

December 8, 2011, Garching

  • C. Lasser:
    Quantum dynamics via classical mechanics
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Gudu and M. Hinterstocker:
    MRI goes FRAVE
  • A. Stavrev:
    Stochastic Buckling Analysis of Imperfect I-Section Beam-Columns
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • A. Apostolatos: Contact Problems and Isogeometric Analysis
    • J. Luque: Structural Reliability-based Optimization
  • J. Prsa:
    Isogeometric analysis applied on a wing-flap model

November 17, 2011, Erlangen

  • M. Hofmann, P. Manstetten:
    Simulating Phase Transitions of Hard Spherocylinders in the pe Physics Engine (BGCE project)
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • T. Zhou:
    OpenFOAM applied in CFD Simulation of Head Pressure Waves and its Comparisons with CFX
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Anderl, M. Kreutzer:
    Report on Exchange to KTH Stockholm and Master Theses at ABB
  • S. Bogner:
    Hydrodynamic Stability of Floating Objects

July 14, 2011, Munich

  • W. Betz:
    Polynomial Chaos Approximations of Random Variables – Non-Intrusive Spectral Methods
  • J. Degroote (Gent):
    Partitioned Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • M. Mihai: Visualizing the Structural Variability of Isosurfaces in Uncertain Scalar Fields
    • T. Kovacevic: Scenario Generator in a Molecular Dynamics Project
    • M. Georgiev: Particle Tracer for Fluid Simulations
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • V.V. Buwa (IIT Delhi):
    Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Complex Multiphase Flows

June 30, 2011, Garching

  • D. Jarema:
    Comparison and Coupling of a Lattice-Boltzmann Fluid-interaction Code with the Faxen Correction Approach (Master’s Thesis)
  • come.TUM (Muenchen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Gudu and A. Shahvarani:
    Visualization and Simulation Techniques (Elite Project)
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • M. Bauer, C. Kuschel and K. Sembritzki: Evaluation of PGAS Languages for a Linked-Cell Algorithm
  • T. Huckle:
    Science and Ethics – Some illustrative and amusing examples

May 12, 2011, Erlangen

  • M. Grießinger, C. Nan:
    Final Talk Honours Projekt: Evaluation of HHG
  • G. Wellein (RRZE):
    Application Performance in the Multi-Core Era — Lessons to Be Learned for Exascale Computing
  • Visitation of LiMa — Bavaria’s fastest Super Computer
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • M. Heene, M. Hofmann, P. Manstetten, D. Staubach:
    Introduction Honours Project: Simulating Phase-Transitions with Spherocylinders in the pe Physics Engine
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • W. Betz: Discretization of random fields
    • M. Saeedi: Wind Field Simulation
    • T. Zhu: CFD Simulation on the generation of pressure waves near a high speed train using OpenFOAM

January 20, 2011, Munich

  • C. Becker:
    Impact of turbulence on the flow at complex geometries – comparison of 2D shallow water equation – RANS
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • M. Grießinger, C. Nan: Comparison of the HHG and Peano framework
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
    • E. Ebrahim: Dust particle classification
    • D. Jarema : Resource manager in a walk on the clouds project
    • D. Karam : Web of things
    • M. Mihai : Solver components using the sciCODE plugin
    • J. Prsa : Computational sustainability
  • S. Sicklinger:
    Evaluation and investigation of explicit coupling schemes for partitioned fluid-structure interaction (BGCE project)
  • Zohar Yosibash (Ben Gurion University, Israel):
    An afternoon talk on human femurs – biomechanical experiments, modeling and numerical simulation

December 9, 2010, Garching

Logo ENB
  • Riko Jacob:
    Memory Efficient Sorting, Permuting and Hierarchization of Sparse Grids
  • CE (Erlangen) students: Rodeo
  • E. Ebrahim and D. Jarema:
    A walk on the clouds: Middleware use in Computational Applications and Resource Management in Distributed Systems (BGCE project)
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • N. Shahriari:
    Direct numerical simulation of a swept blunt body at various angles of attack for supersonic flight vehicles (Master’s Thesis)

November 11, 2010, Erlangen

  • J. Götz:
    Direct Numerical Simulation of Particulate Flows on 300.000 Compute Cores
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • M. Bauer, C. Kuschel, and K. Sembritzki:
    Comparison of PGAS languages for a linked-cell algorithm (BGCE project)
  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Ritter: Multigrid on multiple GPUs

July 1st, 2010, Garching

  • COME (Munich) students: BGCE Rodeo
    Isogeometric Analysis with CARAT++
  • M. Mihai:
    A walk on the clouds: distributed applications and computations (BGCE project)
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • N. Melik-Bakhudarov:
    Semi-supervised learning on adaptive sparse grids
  • A. Magana Mora (KAUST): KAUST-TUM: one thousand and one projects

June 10, 2010, Munich

  • M. Breitenberger:
    Isogeometric Analysis with CARAT++
  • Li Huang:
    Using Wii Remote in Virtual Reality Systems
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • E. Stavropoulou, M. Hojjat:
    Geometry treatment and shape optimization for fluid-structure interaction wind engineering problems
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Work in Progress

May 27, 2010, Erlangen

  • M. Kreutzer:
    Implementation and Optimization of a Jacobi solver on CUDA
  • COME (München) students: BGCE Work in Progress
  • B. Bergen (Los Alamos National Lab):
    An Application Model for Total-Workflow Using OpenCL
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • D. Anderl:
    BGCE Project: Comparison of the Frameworks Peano and HHG

January 21, 2010, Munich

  • H. Wille:
    Continuous Pedestrian Simulation
  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • S. Geißelsöder: Supervised Teaching
  • CSE (Garching) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • M. Fischer:
    Carat++: An Object-Oriented and Parallel Finite Element Software
  • Dr.-Ing. A. Hörmann (EADS):
    Structural Optimization of Aircrafts

December 10, 2009, Garching

  • CE (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • N. Melik-Barkhudarov and S. Selcuk:
    Elite Project: Free Surface Flow Visualization for Peano
  • COME (München) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • T. Both and S. Sicklinger: Mortar Method for the Partitioned Solution of Surface Coupled Problems
    • L. Huang: Vector Extrapolation Method for FSI
    • H. Wille: Development of a Continuous Pedestrian Simulator
  • Y. Li:
    Towards a Framework for Empirical Project Analysis for Software Engineering Models

November 5, 2009, Erlangen

  • B. Gmeiner:
    Convergence Rate Optimization and tau-Extrapolation for Multigrid FEM Solvers
  • Computational Mechanics (München) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Cell workshop presentations:
    Sarpkan Selcuk, Daniel Kleine-Albers and Markus Stürmer
  • CSE (München) students: BGCE Work in Progress
    • Nima Shahriari: Implementation of free surface with Lattice Boltzmann in Peano
    • Daniel Kleine-Albers: Experiences of the Internship at CERN
  • S. Geisselsöder:
    Elite Project: Rolling mill simulation on multicore processors

July 9, 2009, Garching:

  • Takayuki Aoki: (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    GPU computing for CFD applications
  • Christoph Kowitz:
    The Peano Framework
  • Daniel Butnaru:
    Parallelisation in the Peano Framework
  • Computational Engineering (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • BGCE Work in Progress:
    • Kai Sheng: Java 3D GUI Development for Automotive Design
    • Robert Schmidt: Integration CAD-CAE based on isogeometric analyis
    • Hao Zhou: Extraction of graphs from building ground plans
  • Visit of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
  • BGCE Barbecue (celebrating 25 BGCE Research Days)

May 28, 2009, Erlangen:

Research Day, 28 May 2009 Picture from the Research Day on May 28, 2009
  • Computational Mechanics (München) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • CSE (Garching) students: Work in Progress
  • Florian Rathgeber:
    Fire simulation (Bachelor thesis)
  • Harald Köstler:
    Introduction to GPU programming
  • Sunil Ramgopal, Mustafa Kavasoglu, Yuanjun Zhang:
    Multigrid on Cell and GPU (Honours project)
  • Felipe Aristizabal (Nanofluids Research Group, McGill University, Canada):
    Multi-scale simulation of nanofluid dynamics

May 14, 2009, Munich:

  • Kenta Sugihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology):
    GPU Computing of Compressible Flow by using Multi-Moment IDO-CF Scheme
  • Tim Ricken:
    Gekoppelte Mehrfeld-, Mehrphasen und Mehrskalenmodelle (Computational Mechanics Seminar)
  • Demo:
    Interactive Thermal Comfort Simulation
  • CSE (TUM) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Florian Mintgen:
    Development and Implementation of a Wall Model for the Immersed Boundary Method
  • BGCE Work in Progress:
    • Florian Rathgeber: Sparse Representation using the Batch-OMP Algorithm on the GPU
    • Stefan Geisselsöder: Shared Memory Parallelization of the PE Physics Engine
    • Rishi Patil: Simulation of Quenching Process in Coal Gasification
    • Klaus Sembritzki: Time-of-Flight Camera for Mouse Input

January 15, 2009, Munich:

  • Quanji Cai:
    Calculation of Curvature Based on Data Clouds
  • Mahmoud Ismail :
    One Dimensional FSI Modelling of an Arterial Tree
  • Computational Engineering (Erlangen) students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Chien Ming Wang (Technical University Singapore):
    Very Large Floating Structures – Creating Land from the Sea
  • BGCE Work in Progress:
    • Dheevatsa Mudigere: Neural Network Control for the Self-Erecting Inverted Pendulum
    • Ventsislav Petkov: An Introduction to Periscope

December 18, 2008, Garching:

  • Kaveh Rahnema:
    Self Erecting Inverted Pendulum: modeling, simulation and the real system
  • Coskun Özgür :
    Positron activity surface imaging using tracked beta probes for intraoperative control of resection borders in cancer surgery
  • come.tum students: BGCE Rodeo
  • BGCE Work in Progress:
    • Yunyun Ni: Room Acoustic Simulation
    • Nikola Bednar: Efficient Computation of Hilbert Mappings
  • Daniel Butnaru:
    Grid Services and GridSFEA
  • Olgica Nikolin:
    Integration of GridSFEA into gEclipse

November 27, 2008, Erlangen:

  • Dominik Haspel:
    Simulation of clotting processes using non-newtonian blood models and the lattice boltzmann method
  • Michael Hanke (KTH Stockholm):
    Computational Modelling of Metabolism in Mammalian Cells
  • CSE students: BGCE Rodeo
  • BGCE Work in Progress: (come.tum)
    • Kai Sheng: Development and visualization of car-mass-allocation using Java
    • Florian Mintgen: Development and Implementation of a Bead Optimization Algorithm
    • Hao Zhou: Numerical homogenisation
    • Sima Zahedi Fard: Algebraic and elliptic grid generation on block-structured domains
  • Constantin Popa (Ovidius University Constanta):
    Constrained Component Averaging in Image Reconstruction

June 12, 2008, Garching/LRZ:

  • come.tum students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Ilya Saverchenko (LRZ):
    Remote Visualization of Interactive Simulations on the Grid
  • Bian Xin:
    Numerical Solution of the Potential Equation on Nonorthogonal Meshes
  • Adriana Bocoi:
    Adaptive Channel Capacity in Optical Long-Haul Networks
  • BGCE Work in Progress:
    • Mustafa Kavasoglu, Yuanjun Zhang, Sunil Ramgopal: Optimizing a Multigrid Poisson Solver on GPU and Cell Processor for Applications in Image Processing
    • Rishi Patil, Björn Gmeiner: Implementation of the Multiple Phase and Component Model According to Shan and Chen into waLBerla
    • Evelyn Otero, Yunyun Ni: Room Acoustics Simulation
    • Ali Shadavakhsh: Modeling Elastomer behaviour

May 8, 2008, Erlangen:

  • CSE students: BGCE Rodeo
  • Yongqi Sun:
    Parallel DAE Solver in Power Plant Simulation
  • Daniel Ritter:
    Fast multigrid solvers for molecular dynamics on the Cell Broadband Engine
  • Matthias Grajewski (U Dortmund):
    A new fast and accurate grid deformation method for adaptivity on locally structured grids

April 24, 2008, Munich:

  • Yue Zhao:
    A Computational Human Model for Thermal Comfort Simulation
  • Hao Zhang:
    Successive Latin Hypercube Designs for Global Metamodeling Techniques
  • Quanji Cai:
    (1) Automated adjustment of automotive seating structures
    (2) Calculation of curvature based on data clouds
  • CE students: BGCE Rodeo

January 31, 2008, Erlangen:

  • Dominik Bartuschat, Eugenio Carvalheira, Dominik Haspel, Yongqi Sun:
    EEG Based Reconstruction of Dipolar Current Sources within the Human Head
  • Yongqi Sun:
    Parallel Solvers for Power Plant Simulation
  • Gerhard Wellein:
    Architecture and Performance of Multi-/Many-core Algorithms
  • Klaus Iglberger:
    Large scale Lattice-Boltzmann Simulations: The need for Supercomputers
  • Jan Götz:
    Lattice Boltzmann Blood Flow Simulation with the Cell Processor

January 10, 2008, Garching:

  • Adriana Bocoi, Anca Berariu, Coskun Özgür, Bian Xin, Krzysztof Golab, Bernhard Gatzhammer:
    Visualising the Millions
  • Janos Benk, Fayssal El Moufatich, Deepak Pandey:
    Financial Model Fitter
  • Alexander Heinecke:
    Parallel Matrix Multiplication based on Space-Filling Curves on Shared Memory Platforms
  • Konrad Waldherr:
    Numerical Linear Algebra Tasks in a Quantum Control Problem

November 29, 2007, München:

  • Iason Papaioannou:
    Fluid-Structure Interaction with High Order Finite Element Methods
  • Stefan Diebels (Chair of Applied Mechanics, Saarland University):
    Multiscale Computations and Extended Continua
  • Johannes Guggenberger (Müller-BBM Gmbh):
    Reduction of Large FE-Models to Improve Computational Performance
  • Christian Dick:
    GPU-Friendly High-Quality Terrain Rendering

July 12, 2007, München:

  • Ernst Rank:
    IGSSE – International Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Roland Wüchner:
    IGSSE-Project: Isogeometric shape optimal design of surface coupled 3D structures
  • Christoph van Treeck:
    IGSSE-Project: Interplay between Building, it Users, the Climate and Energy Efficiency
  • Zhengxiong Yang:
    IGSSE-Project: Computational Steering for Orthopeadics
  • Michael Bader, Carsten Trinitis:
    IGSSE-Project: Hardware-aware Simulation and Computing
  • André Borrmann:
    Specification and implementation of directional operators in a 3D Spatial Query Language for Building Information Models

June 14, 2007, Garching

    • Coskun Özgür, Bian Xin, Anca Berariu, Krzysztof Golab, Adriana Bocoi, Bernhard Gatzhammer:
      Visualising the Millions
    • Janos Benk, Fayssal El Moufatich, Deepak Pandey:
      Financial Model Fitter
    • Florian Grüner (Department of Physics, LMU):
      Simulation of laser-driven electron-acceleration: on the path into a novel field of physics
Visit of the LRZ Visit of the Leinbiz Computing Centre
  • invited talk:
    Alfonso Bueno-Orovio:
    Extension of Spectral Methods to Irregular Domains via a Fictitious Domain Approach
    (2007 CS&E Student Paper Prize awarded by BGCE at the SIAM Conference on Computatational Science and Engineering)
  • Visit of the new federal supercomputer at the Leibniz Rechenzentrum.

May 10, 2007, Erlangen

  • Klaus Iglberger:
    Rigid body dynamics
  • Jingfeng Han:
    Hot spot segmentation for validation of SPECT/CT hybrid scanner
  • Eugenio Carvalheira, Yongqi Sun, Dominik Haspel, Dominik Bartuschat:
    Elite project 2007: EEG based reconstruction of dipolar current sources within the human head
  • Jegan Mohan:
    Implementation of a Linear Elasticity Solver Using Expression Templates
  • Manfred Kaltenbacher:
    Computational Acoustics

Febrary 8, 2007, München

See pictures of the event (taken by Ulrich Rüde).

  • Hans-Georg Sehlhorst:
    Implementation and numerical investigation of a two-dimensional anisotropic higher-order finite element formulation
  • Haoxin Zhao:
    Transferring the solution of a shortest path problem to a personal digital assistant
  • Iason Papaioannou:
    Learning object-oriented programming in the context of using a multiphysics FEM library
  • Andreas Niggl:
    Volume models for the computation and the design of Civil Engineering structures
  • Demonstration I-Room: visit of the Virtual-Reality-Lab of the chair of Bauinformatik.
Visit of the Virtual-Reality-Lab

January 18, 2007, Garching

(reduced program because of storm “Kyrill”)

  • Ursula Mayer:
    A Fourth Order Semi-Implicit Runge-Kutta-Method for Compressible Euler Equations
  • Audrey Nemeth:
    A New Method to Find Collisions between Moving Objects, Application: Rockfall Simulation
  • Mohamed Bamakhrama, Carla Guillen, Ursula Mayer, Lejing Wang:
    Peano Geometric Sophisticated Interface

November 23, 2006, Erlangen

  • Heiko Kettler and Markus Gebhard:
    FVM & stabilized FEM simulation to analyze the airflow through the esophagus during substitute voice generation
  • Tobias Gradl:
    Parallel Multigrid for Finite Elements
  • Markus Stürmer:
    Cell processor programming
  • Michael Griebel (Institute for Numerical Simulation, Univ. Bonn; invited talk):
    A parallel three dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes solver for two-phase flow problems with surface tension using a level-set approach

July 6, 2006, Garching

  • Niko Manopulo:
    Computer Aided Robustness Optimization and Objective Function Calculation
  • Zhang Hao:
    Transferring the Solution of a Shortest Path Problem to a Personal Digital Assistant
  • Ursula Mayer and Carla Guillen:
    Summer School in Fluid Structure Interaction
  • ‘Eric’ Wei E:
    An Overview of Enterprise Search and Its Performance Issue
  • Mohamed Bamakhrama and Lejing Wang:
    Peano Geometric Sophisticated Interface Project

June 22, 2006, Erlangen

Thursday, June 22, 2006 in Erlangen (HEC Symposium)

June 1st, 2006, Erlangen

  • Zheng Yuanhang:
    Motion Blur
  • Daniel Ritter:
    Hybrid control in preparative chromatography
  • Marcus Gebhardt and Heiko Kettler:
    FEM and FVM simulation to analyze the airflow through the esophagus during substitute voice generation
  • Stefan Donath:
    Power Optimization Techniques for Digital Integrated Circuits in Deep Submicron and Nanometer ASIC Technologies
  • Kunal Arora:
    Hybrid LES-RANS technique based on one-equation near-wall model
  • Sankha Banerjee:
    Turbulence modelling using eigenvalue (invariant) approach

May 18, 2006, München

  • Zhang Hao:
    Transferring the solution of a shortest path problem to a personal digital assistant.
  • Michael Fischer:
    Structural Optimization
  • Ioan Muntean:
    Supervised Teaching (CSE)
  • Cihan Turgut:
    Verification of spot weld failure modelling using ABAQUS/Explicit

Jan 12, 2006, Garching

  • R. Mundani:
    Organisation and Steering of Simulation Processes Using Octrees
  • S. Schraufstetter:
    Efficient storage and processing of adaptive triangular grids using an approach based on Sierpinski curves
  • J. Weidendörfer:
    Performance measurements for cache optimisation
  • D. Popiv, V. Dikov, L. Valgaerts, N. Manopulo, I. Saverchenko:
    Molecular Dynamics Project: Student Project at CSE – Elitenetzwerk Bayern

Dec 2, 2005, München

  • H. Heidkamp:
    Enlargement of the Metro Station Marienplatz – A Complex Tunnel Project beneath the Munich City Hall
  • P. Andres Suarez:
    Robust design optimization in sheet metal forming
  • Y.J. Chan:
    Development of a building energy simulation prototype using Maple
  • P. Rhyzhakov:
    Numerical simulation of radiative heat exchange between faces using a radiosity approach
  • N. Manopulo:
    Molecular Dynamics Project: Student Project at CSE – Elitenetzwerk Bayern

Nov 17, 2005, Erlangen

  • J. Götz:
    Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow
  • V. Buwa:
    Numerical Simulations of Bubble Formation on Submerged Orifices
  • M. Prümmer:
    2D-3D Image Registration
  • Chr. Möller:
    Numerical Treatment of Singularities in the Reconstruction of Dipole-induced Electro-Magnetic Potentials in the Human Head

Jul 7, 2005, Garching

  • R. Fischer:
    Multigrid Methods for anisotropic BTTB Systems
  • T. Weinzierl, T. Neckel:
    Peano curves and cache efficieny for solving PDE
  • D. Pflüger:
    Data Mining using Sparse Grids

High-End-Computing Symposium, Jun 16, 2005, Erlangen

  • A. Bode:
    Höchstleistungsrechnen: Stand der Technik und Bedeutung für Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft in Europa
  • C. Körner:
    Lattice Boltzmann Methode mit freien Oberflächen für Schaumbildungsprozesse
  • H. D. Simon:
    Towards Petascale Computing for Science

May 12, 2005, Erlangen

  • C. Feichtinger, K. Iglberger, N. Thuerey:
    Lattice Boltzmann simulation with (moving) particles
  • H.-J. Bungartz:
    Elite Simulation-Software Project at TUM
  • T. Pohl:
    Parallel Lattice Boltzmann with Free Surfaces and Applications in the Material Sciences