BGCE Student Paper Prize

The BGCE student paper prize is awarded every two years at the SIAM CS&E conference. Details on the prize can be found in the latest call.

History of Prize Winners:

  • 2019: Elizabeth Qian (MIT) and Zakia Zainib (SISSA) Quartl (p. 28)
  • 2017: Robert Gantner (ETH Zürich) ENB
  • 2015: David Emerson (Tufts) SIAM News 2015
  • 2013: Toby Isaac (ICES, UT)
  • 2011: Andrea Manzoni (EPF Lausanne) SIAM News 2011
  • 2009: Gisela Widmer (ETH Zürich) and Chad Lieberman (MIT) SIAM News 2009
  • 2007: Alfonso Bueno Orovio (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) SIAM News 2007

Tobias Neckel for BGCE