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Master of Science

Currently, the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Enginering (BGCE) offers three corresponding Master's programs - Computational Engineering (CE) at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Computational Mechanics (COME), and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Technische Universität München.

The programs are, of course, similar with respect to their orientation towards Computational Engineering. However, they are focused on different scopes of application:

The Bavarian Graduate School combines these three Master's programs, and makes sure that students can profit from the expertise of any of the programs.

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with designation with honours!

Since winter 2004/2005, the BGCE offers an additional, top-level program, which explicitely addresses the most capable and dedicated students.

corner stones

The cornerstones of this honours program are:

  • extensive project work - this can an individual project or one in a team, in cooperation with an industry partner or as a joint project of the Master's programs;
  • summer/winter academies and block tutorials will lead you to a deeper understanding of your fields of interest.
  • developing soft skills - in additional courses, we will try not only to advance your technical knowlegde, but also improve your skills in management, communication, teamwork, and related topics.

The reward for this extra effort - your outstanding performance in the Master's program assumed - will be the academic degree of a "Master of Science" with an additional designation with honours*, which shall be a hallmark of outstanding achievement in your studies. By the way, did you know that BGCE invests a considerable amount of money per student in the various offers of its additional educational program listed above? Hence, even without individual scholarships, BGCE is a great opportunity for you and your future career.

* Note: Until the year 2016, the graduation of the Honour's Program together with one of the regular Master's Programs led to the academic degree “Master of Science with Honours”. Due to legal restrictions regarding academic degrees in the Bavarian Higher Education Area, this degree had formally to be changed into a "Master of Science" with an additional designation “with Honours”, maintaining the highly demanding standards without any compromises.

Application and Admission

As an extension to the regular Master's programs, the Elite program, of course, requires admission in one of the three Master's programs listed above. The admission procedure to the Honour's program is then carried out during the first semester (CSE application form, program details). After a formal application, the applicant will be invited for an interview with the Honour's commission. If the Honour's board supports the application, admission will be granted if the student can achieve an average grade of 2.0 or better of 25 credits in the first semester (German grading system: best grade is 1.0, minimum grade to pass is 4.0) and if no grade is worse than 3.0.
For details, please check the examination regulations of BGCE and their modifications .