Bavarian Graduate School

The Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering is an association of the three Master programs

A detailed list of participating institutes, and organizers is given on the website professors & coordinators in our impressum section.

Elite program

Funded by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, the Bavarian Graduate School offers an Honours program for gifted and highly motivated students. The Honours program extends the regular Master's programs by several academic offers:

  • To gain deeper insight into scientific computing and its many disciplines, elite student will attend additional courses in that area - organised mainly as block courses, summer or winter academies, and similar. Typically, internationally recognised researchers are invited who share their knowledge and experiences with the participants - a unique possibility to get in touch!
  • Courses and seminars on "soft skills" - like communication skills, management, leadership, etc. - will make sure that the education is not only restricted to technical knowledge. This pays off both in academic and industrial context of team work.
  • Finally, the students will work on an additional semester project. The project will be closely connected to current research, probably in cooperation with industry partners, and will be executed in small (interdisciplinary) teams of about three to five students.

"Master of Science" with honours certificate

Students who master the regular program with an above-average grade, and are still able to complete the Honours program, as well, will earn an adequate degree for their outstanding performance - the "Master of Science" with an additional honours certificate.


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