Data transfer between nonconforming meshes

Pavel Ryzhakov

Pavel Ryzhakov did his honours project at the Centre Internacional de Metodos Numericos en Ingenieria (CIMNE) in Barcelona.

The honours project dealt with a methodology, which allows an efficient data transfer between non-coinciding meshes. This problem appears in particular when dealing with fluid-structure interraction, for example when transferring pressure values on the interface boundary from fluid to structure and back.

Nevertheless, the procedure can be applied in general, when transferring some variable of interest between two meshes discretizing the same surface in space. Thus for the sake of generality, the work refers to some fluid mesh as origin, and some structural mesh as destination. To make the problem more determined it is kept in mind that, in particular, it is wanted to transfer pressure from fluid to structure, or displacements from structure to fluid along the boundary interface.