PeGSI – Peano Geometry Sophisticated Interface

Mohamed Bamakhrama, Carla Guillen, Ursula Mayer, Lejing Wang

Dirft ratchet simulation Test problem: simulation of the drift ratchet

PeGSI was a team project of four students of the CSE-06-branch of the BGCE.

The increasing accuracy requirements in many of today’s simulation tasks in science and engineering more and more often entail the need to take into account more than one physical effort. Among the most important and, with respect to both modelling and computational issues, most challenging of such ‘multiphysics’ problems are Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI), i.e. interactions of some movable or deformable elastic structure with an internal or surrounding fluid flow’. In order to be able to tackle such problems properly, effective and efficient simulation programs are needed. Here we present the Peano Geometry Sophisticated Interface (PeGSI) which is aimed as a geometry interface and a decoupling layer between a fluid and a structure solver. The final objective is to be able to simulate the drift ratchet phenomenon.