BGCE Students win the TUM Student Video Award

Congrats to Oguz Ziya Koseomur, Aristotelis Economides, Masha Stroganova, Carme Homs Pons, Saif Ahmed and Genki Unagami for winning first place in the TUM Student Video Award with their submission: Excellential Crisis

5 more years for BGCE!

The BGCE funding for the period 2020-2025 has recently been approved! So BGCE will continue its successful story up to 2025 (at least ;-)). Thanks to all who helped to contribute to this success, and thanks of course to the Elitenetzwerk Bayern and our universities.

7th BGCE Student Paper Prize awarded

The 7th BGCE Student Paper Prize has been awarded to Mrs. Elizabeth Qian (MIT, Boston, USA) and Mrs. Zakia Zainib (SISSA, Trieste, Italy) for their contributions “From Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations to Low-dimensional Polynomial Approximations” and “Reduced Order Methods for Parametrized Optimal Flow Control: applications to coronary artery bypass grafts assimilated with patient-specific data”, respectively (see summary of the event published in Quartl (p. 28)).
Since 2007, this is the second time that 2 prizes are awarded (in Olympics, this would be two gold medals :-)).

Both prize winners have visited FAU and TUM in summer 2019.

BGCE Opening Weekend 2019

The 2019 opening weekend of the whole “BGCE family” took place at the hotel J├Ąger von Fall at the lake Sylvenstein.

ENB Graduation Ceremony 2018

On December 07, 2018, this year’s ENB graduation ceremony took place in Augsburg. In a celebratory ambiance, also several BGCE students were present to receive their ENB certificates (Fotos: Florian Freund).