BGCE Opening Weekend

The 2017 opening weekend of the whole “BGCE family” took place at the Generali-Seminarzentrum in Bernried. For details, see this report published in Quartl.

ENB Elite Cup 2016

As every year, BGCE sent a brave and glorious team to the Elite Cup.
Players from all 3 locations (Erlangen, M√ľnchen and Garching) joined forces for a very good 5th place. Besides, BGCE was the only team who succeeded to arrive in the quarter finals with 3 won games in the group stage. And, we managed to beat FIM 1, the winner of the Elite Cup of 2016!

ENB Graduation Ceremony 2015

On November 19, 2015, this year’s ENB graduation ceremony took place in Augsburg. In a celebratory ambiance, also several BGCE students were present to receive their ENB certificates.